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 Kiz Math provides: over 2,977 Math Exercises with over 44,655 Problems in the form of Interactive Exercises, Fun Games, Printable Math Worksheets, Video Tutorials, Board Games and more. We have a fantastic collection of varied Math resources for Math Tutors & Homeschoolers. Grades covered: Pre-K to 8th Grade

Math Printable Worksheets

There are more than 2,632 high quality printable PDF arranged according to grade and topic - 1,316 question pages and 1,316 answer sheets provided. They are suitable for children, teachers, parents, and home school educators. Each worksheet has several exercises with their answers attached on an answer sheet. There are more than 15,792 math problems in this category.
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Interactive Math Practice

Your Kids will keep practicing until they master the topics with our several interactive quizzes. Each quiz has a timing and an instant grading tool that generates results at the end. As children go along, in case of a wrong response, the correct answer is shown. There are several kinds of quiz questions under this category. We provide over 1,243 quizzes arranged by grade and topic.
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Interactive Fun Games & Exercises

Who said Math is not fun? They lied! At Kiz Math there are over 553 interactive Math games arranged by grade ( from Pre-school to 8th grade) and by topic. Each game provides fun practice for different Math skills. Our Games come in several varieties. They include: Soccer, Basket ball, Duel game, Grader, Memory Games, Walk the Plank Games, Fling the Teacher, Jigsaw Puzzles, Snakes & Ladders, Tic Tac Toe, Slot Machine, Flip Cards, Betting Games & more.
Pre-K & Kindergarten | Grade 1 |Grade 2 | Grade 3 | Grade 4 | Grade 5 | Grade 6 | Grade 7 | Grade 8

Printable Math Board Games

We continue to make Math learning fun through our many board games. There are 70 PDF printable board games with their instructions attached. We also provide the editable game templates which you can use to custom create games for practicing math with children. These games help to reinforce a number of Math skills like : Addition, Subtraction, Fractions, Geometry, Telling Time, Multiplication, Division, Pre-Algebra among others. The kind of games here include:
Zombie board games, Pirate Games, Crocodile games & Coordinate games.

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