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Pirates Board Game

Navigate the seas and defeat the pirates by answering questions correctly. The pitfall of this game is falling in the hands of the pirates and being forced to return to start. It is an exciting game that is suitable for children from Pre K to 8th grade.

Download a game below in PDF format OR edit a word template here for skills you want to practice.

Zombie Board Games

This is an exciting game for practising several math skills with children at different levels. Avoid being sent back to start by the zombie or being forced to trade places with an adversary who is in a bad position.
  1. Signs in Math game
  2. Roman Numerals game
  3. Powers Game
  4. Place Value game
  5. Ordinal Numbers game
  6. Mixed Operations game
  7. Greatest Common Factor game
  8. Fractions Game
  9. Even or Odd number game
  10. Estimation of numbers
  11. Decimals game
  12. Comparing numbers game
  13. Algebra Game

You could alternatiely download a Word doc template here for customised games depending on which skill you intend studying.

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Soccer Board Games

Play soccer and win points by matching questions to their answers. Get template here

Coordinates Games

Be the first to locate the problem and find its answer. Get a free Microsoft Template here .


Crocodile Board Games

Roll the dice and answer questions correctly to avoid being attacked by a crocodile. Edit a word template here for customised games.