About KizMath.com

Kizmath.com is a product of EduTerials Ltd, a Hong Kong registered company, founded by Kisito Futonge & Jude N. The company was founded with a great vision of educating the world through computer-assisted technology.  Eduterials Ltd has been responsible for several popular education materials that attract some 1 million users across the web, each month.
With the success of our ESL projects on the web, we decided to assemble an all-star team of experienced Math professionals to work on the Kiz Math project. The result is this fantastic website for math practice.
What’s the goal?
Spearheaded by project manager, Jude M., the overarching goal has always been to help parents and teachers of math by providing them with the necessary resources to facilitate the teaching & practice of the subject. Math needs constant practice due to the mostly abstract nature of the subject.
We all know how math tends to look scary to different types of learners. Kiz Math is here to change that by offering highly varied math practice resources that appeal to these different types of learners.
Who is Kiz Math for?
If you answer “yes” to one or more of these questions, then this site will no doubt serve you well.


Across the world, parents, teachers and educators are already using Kiz Math, with great results.  Here are some of the things users have said about our site.

“I am a home school mother of 3 kids who were falling behind in Math. We use this site a lot to practice at home. The school teacher said they had made significant progress in class.  Thank you for this wonderful site!”   Isabel, Canada

“As a teacher of Math, this website helped my slower kids by providing them with extra home practice. It is a great practice companion.” Shane, USA

“I love your board games! They worked magic in my class.” John,  Australia

“When I asked you to custom make board games for my math lessons, I honestly didn’t think you would bother.  I was surprised your prompt response. Thanks!”  Ross, UK

“Could you make more of those Math videos? They really helped.”  Youssef, Dubai

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