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a) FAQS _ About Kiz Math

Question About Kiz Math
This page will help answer questions about Kiz Math and  how the membership system works.
If you have any further questions, check our FAQ Index first, and if you can't find an answer, Contact  us!

What is Kiz Math ?
Kiz Math is an online Math Learning and Teaching environment for Kids, Parents and Teachers. It contains Rich Interactive  Media for Learners, Printable Worksheets and Math Board Games for Teaching. The materials are structured according to grade and by topic. There is a rich supplementary materials section to support the courses.  Kiz Math is not a curriculum, but can be used alongside any math curriculum to provide practice.

Who is Kiz Math for?
Kiz Math is designed to meet the needs of several kinds of Math teaching and learning environments. The materials are suitable for math learners from Preschool to 8th Grade.
a)  School Math Teachers: Math Teachers (both experienced and new) can save loads of  lesson & course planning time by joining Kiz Math.  We offer over 44,635 math problems in the form of Printables, Interactive Games and Quizzes and Math board games. 
b) Home Schoolers : Excellent for parents of  kids who homeschool their kids. You can simply use Kiz Math to practice math at home. Kiz Math is broken down into Grades and Topics. Each Grade is loaded with a variety of resources for learners and teachers. 
c) Private Tutoring:   Some teachers start private classes in their apartments, along side their main job, or simply teach full time at home and get paid more. Others go to meet kids in their homes. We are your solution. With Kiz Math,  we can turn you into a one person mobile Math school by providing the practice materials, you can build your curriculum around.
d) Schools: Right now, there are a dozen schools across the globe using Kiz Math as their main Math resource centre. However, school licenses come under a different agreement. Contact us for more information.

Can I photocopy the Worksheets & Board games ?
Yes, you can print and photocopy the worksheets and board games for use in your teaching. However, by downloading these worksheets & worksheets,  you agree to abide by the following rules:
Copyright for the materials remains with Kiz Math . They must not be resold. Materials cannot be redistributed by email or uploaded onto other web sites / servers. You may also not claim authorship of these materials.

Can I download the interactive games?
No, you may NOT download Interactive Games & Quizzes. Interactive rich media contents are not meant to be downloaded.

Do you regularly update content?
Yes we do. We never stop working to add content.