Technical FAQ About

Here are some questions people often ask

1. Why can I not view the interactive games, videos or quizzes?
Your computer will prompt you to install a copy of flash player. If not, download and install FLASH PLAYER HERE. It's free. Restart your browser and click on the games link.

2. Why can I not open Worksheets and Printables?

You need to download and install a free copy of ACROBAT READER - CLICK HERE to download and install. This program helps you view PDF documents. Worksheets and Flashcards are in PDF format.

Required Tools

Tools & Troubleshooting

  • Download Flash Player - If you can't play interactive games
  • Download Adobe Acrobat Reader - If you can't view the lesson plan & worksheets
  • Recommended web browsers - For a better web experience we recommend the following browsers because they are more secure and faster than internet explorer.

Firefox - Secure and faster than explorer - Free Download Here

Google Chrome - Fast, Secure browser from Google - Free Download Here

Safari - Good browser by Apple - Free Download Here

Flash Player - Our Videos and Interactive Exercises need flashplayer - Free Download Here

Acrobat Reader- To open our printables you need this - Free Download Here

Internet Explorer - Not Recommended - Use only if you have no other choice.